EuroButt II - taking the pain out of the butt hinge

Get the traditional butt hinge look...

EuroButt II allows designers and cabinetmakers - who use or want to use the concealed hinge - a way to achieve the traditional butt hinge look while retaining the advantages of the original concealed hinge, solving design & installation problems.

The advantages of EuroButt II:

  • Alternative to standard butt hinges
  • Works with all makes of inset application concealed hinges
  • Retains all concealed hinge adjustments
  • Fits into the required 2 mm door gap
  • No need for screws or a rebate
  • Knuckle diameter 5 mm, overall height 80 mm
  • The only butt hinge for a pocket door
  • The only soft close butt hinge with high tech adjustments

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