LOOX - The 4th Dimension of Furniture

This easy to use range from Häfele makes it a perfect choice for installers, while also offering a high level of design flexibility for architects to meet customer needs. The incredibly simple, modular plug-and-play system makes it easier than ever to integrate LED lighting into your furniture designs.

All LOOX products available at daro are continuously tested and certified to international standards. LOOX offers maximum durability and energy efficiency, which is why Häfele now offers 7 years of Lifetime Guarantee on all LOOX products.

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LOOX Visualiser Tool

Use this handy online tool to visualise how best to create the perfect lighting environment with LOOX

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LOOX 12v Systems

You are spoilt for choice with the LOOX 12v system; these LED lights are the most popular of the LOOX range. From ambient through to functional lighting, the 12v system has everything you need...


LOOX 24v Systems

When the 12v system doesn't deliver the ouput you need, choose the 24v lighting system - ideal for larger rooms and more functional applications...


LOOX 350mA Systems

If you want high density display lighting or spotlights, the LOOX 350mA is the right choice for you...