The best of both worlds

The Best of Both worlds at daro

#jointheUKrevolution... daro are proud to deliver the best pre-assembled drawers in the world - LEGRABOX for metal & TA'OR BOX for wood.

With over 25 years of experience we have the expertise to deliver the only real choice for pre-assembled drawers - manufactured to the highest standard you would expect from the very best.

And remember… we can supply you with all your drawer box requirements in any quantity, any size & any available finish and deliver them to you as quickly as 24 hours!

Why are our pre-assembled drawers the best? 

1. We use higher spec material than our customers can usually buy - 720 kg density and 120 gr paper... (the normal density from an Egger board for example is 660 kg and 90 gr paper)


  • This ensures our base material is beyond compare

2. When focusing on the base panel we took the option for edging it front & back when taking into consideration that many of our customers don’t have the access to PU glue


  • The result is a water resistant bond between panel and the edging band
  • Our base material is edged front and back with PU glue which in effect makes the box water resistant & eliminates possible chipping

3. Clamping – We bring clamping  technology to all our customers... no matter how small they are & with no size, colour or minimum order restriction


  • Clamping pushes the base panel upwards, by screwing you push it down – creating the smallest of gaps. This also aids moisture and water resistance.
  • By clamping we also ensure that the panel does not protrude -i.e.  it's square, you don’t loose the adjustment & pulls the base material forward

4. Construction – Our back panel construction may not be the way that Blum recommends you do it, however we do it this way for a very good reason...


  • Gives a straighter line
  • Back pieces are pre drilled
  • The back bracket screw we use is made specifically for us (the dimensions & style gives better positioning and is the same T20 Torx drive as all other adjustment and release screws on the box)
  • On the wider boxes we screw the back panel to the base panel (horizontally for better support of the base panel)

5. Ordering & Quoting - Everyone of our customers can have a login to our pre-assembled drawer configurator...


  • Instant quote
  • Saved shopping baskets
  • Does not allow you to configure impossible to make boxes!
  • Gives you the whole range
  • Possible addition of various matting (cut to size)
  • Runner options will all Blum technology available

6. Packaging -  individually made to order in fully recyclable material (cardboard) / custom labelled


Pre-assembled drawers from daro.... far more than just the industry standard


We can supply you with all your LEGRABOX requirements in any size, any quantity & any finish - stainless steel, orion grey, terra black, silk white & LEGRABOX free...



Despatched pre-assembled as quickly as 72 hours in any size, any finish & any quantity. Choose from 14,000,000 options & 11 outstanding finishes…



Want to know more about TA'OR BOX? Find out why TA'OR BOX is the ultimate wooden drawer box solution - powered by Blum MOVENTO runners - at darolife...


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