news collection 2023 by furnipart

Introducing the amazing 2023 news collection from Furnipart! We are thrilled to present a stunning range of 14 new handles and knobs. Each design showcases the unique style and characteristics of its respective designer, making this collection a true celebration of individuality. With appreciable variation in design, our collection embodies the essence of what contemporary handles and knobs should be. We invite you to explore this exquisite range, available through Daro, the trusted UK distributor of Furnipart handles...


Discover Unify, a harmonious blend of two geometries. This distinctive handle features rounded corners and a flat surface, providing a unique touch to any modern design. The designers' enduring partnership with the manufacturer ensures a meticulous process from brief to production.


Experience Chateau, a timeless collection that combines solid material and meticulous details. With a touch of 70's chic, its designs invite interaction and create an interesting synergy. Choose from three elegant options, including oval and round knobs, for versatile use throughout your home.


Embrace the strength and craftsmanship of Track. Inspired by construction beams, this design provides familiarity and durability. Its timeless appeal allows for versatility in scale and materials while maintaining its distinctive feel. Discover Track, a handle that offers a special touch to any user...


Discover Heritage, a handle with a light and elegant flow. Its meticulous attention to detail and classic design make it an excellent choice for those who appreciate timeless aesthetics. Reinvented with a touch of modernity, this design is destined to stay relevant for years to come...


Introducing Leaf, an elegant and modern handle. With its sleek design, rounded corners, and subtle jewelry-like feel, Leaf enhances any cabinet. The clean surface gracefully curves towards the user, playing with light and shadow for a captivating effect.


Introducing Tocco, a light and elegant rail handle with refined curves. The attention to delicate details, such as the bar and feet, adds a distinctive touch. With its reduced diameter and subtle design, Tocco offers a discreet and stylish choice for discerning consumers...


Delta, a daring and playful design, seeks to achieve a bold balance between a long slim bar and cone-shaped feet. By inviting user interaction, this handle encourages engagement with its distinctive elements. Delta showcases the creative use of simple geometry and primary volumes, resulting in a fun and lively design choice for your home.


Experience Space, a handle inspired by the captivating silhouettes and sculptures of Paris. Its flowing lines and sculptural form create visual comfort and tactile engagement, evoking curiosity and intrigue. Immerse yourself in a design that combines artistry and functionality.