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  1. Anchor bond

    Anchor bond

    Starting at: £13.81

    • Polyester resin, 2-part, rapid curing, chemical anchoring system
    • Applied in one single action to produce a tough chemical resistant fixing
    • Suitable for setting bolts, studs, wall ties, large screws etc. into a wide range of substrates
    • Compatible with brickwork, concrete, masonry, stone and aerated concrete blocks
    • Ideal for close-to-edge applications (unlike expansion anchors) as no stress is placed on the surrounding substrate
    • Full cure is obtained after 2 hours
    • Specialist gun and spare nozzles are available, shown in Don't Forget to Order
    • Grey Learn More
  2. Gripbond


    Starting at: £2.88

    • A multi-purpose, synthetic rubber based construction adhesive
    • Fast bonding, non-slumping, instant grab adhesive with good gap-filling properties even on uneven surfaces
    • Bridges gaps up to 10 mm
    • For use on almost all surfaces
    • Can be used in all weather conditions for interior or exterior applications
    • Suitable for rough and porous surfaces
    • Can be over-painted when dry
    • 350 ml tube
    • Beige Learn More
  3. Saves Nails solvent free

    Saves Nails solvent free

    Starting at: £1.43

    • An environmentally friendly, advanced formula offering instant grab and tough permanent bond on virtually any porous or non-porous surface
    • Low odour, 99% VOC free, water clean-up construction adhesive
    • Cures to form a high strength bond
    • Contains no harmful raw materials, making it safe for the user and safe on substrates
    • Ideal for adhering panelling, plasterboard, cove base, window sills, styrofoam, carpet tack strips, aluminium furring strips, tub surrounds, fireplaces, loose floor/wall tiles, plywood, aluminium, steel, wood, fixing hardbaord and plywood and as a general adhesive
    • Ideal for plastics, wood, concrete, brick, plasterboard, carpet and metals
    • Once applied, surfaces should be firmly pressed together to aid bonding
    • If heavy panels are being bonded, temporary mechanical support may be necessary for 24 hours
    • Does not need to be flashed
    • High bond strength
    • Water clean up construction adhesive
    • This adhesive should not be applied to building materials that bleed oils, plasticisers or solvents
    • 300 ml tube Learn More
  4. Silirub 1 universal silicone

    Silirub 1 universal silicone

    Starting at: £3.76

    • A high quality, elastic one component joint sealant based on silicones
    • Very easy application
    • UV-resistant
    • Very good adhesion on many materials
    • For building and construction joints. Top sealing for glazing jobs. Window and door joints and sanitary applications e.g. bathrooms/kitchens
    • Do not use on PVC, PE, PP, PTFE or bituminous substrates
    • 310 ml tube Learn More
  5. Xtreme Always silicone sealant for humid areas

    Xtreme Always silicone sealant for humid areas

    Starting at: £4.33

    • A specially formulates sealant containing fungicide for sanitary applications in areas of high humidity
    • One part silicone sealant with excellent primerless adhesion to enamel, tiles, glazed ceramic, glass, stainless steel, polycarbonate glass (Plexiglass) and acrylics. Can also be used on wood, aluminium, chrome, concrete, brick and PVC when used in conjunction with a primer
    • Contains a biocide to prevent unsightly mould growth
    • Complies with Material Class B2 according to DIN 4102. It can be used in swimming pool areas (bit not in swimming pools)
    • High resistance to chemicals
    • Permanently flexible
    • 310 ml tube Learn More
  6. LN7 premium low modulus neutral cure silicone

    LN7 premium low modulus neutral cure silicone

    Starting at: £3.88

    • LN7 is the most versatile sealant available. It gives off no solvents or corrosive vapours while setting and sets quickly under all conditions when exposed to air
    • Can be used in construction, engineering and electrical applications, including expansion joints, and perimeters of rames. As a gasketing material and as a bedding compound for glazing double glazed units into timber frames
    • Is inherently resistant to fungal attack
    • Accelerated aging tests indicate a life expectancy of in excess of 30 years
    • Ideal for use on glass, ceramics, all metals, concrete, sealed timber, brick, plastics, including PVCu, polycarbonate, all painted surfaces
    • Porous surfaces should be primed first. Do not use on surfaces where water can penetrate through porous materials to the bond interface without first carrying out remedial work
    • For interior and exterior applications
    • The safety backing on some mirros is not suitable for adhesive fixing with silicone. If using mirrors with a safety backing ALWAYS carry out an adhesion test first
    • 310 ml tube Learn More
  7. Silirub LMN construction silicone

    Silirub LMN construction silicone

    Starting at: £3.65

    • A high-quality neutral, elastical one component joint sealant based on silicones
    • Very easy application
    • Permanent colour, UV-resistant
    • Low modulus
    • For building and construction joints. Topsealing at glazing jobs. Joints with high movement between different building mateials. Sealings between treated wood, metal, OVC profiles and glass
    • Chemically completely neutral (pH=7)
    • Do not use on natural stones like marble, granite (staining effect). Use Silirub MA for these applications
    • 300 ml tube Learn More
  8. Häfele PVA adhesive, contract grade

    Häfele PVA adhesive, contract grade

    Starting at: £4.36

    • Economic PVA adhesive for wood bonding
    • General purpose
    • Fast setting
    • Internal grade
    • For use where white glue line is acceptable
    • Meets BS 4071
    • D2 waterproof rating - not for use where exposure to water is possible Learn More
  9. Gun and foam cleaner

    Gun and foam cleaner

    Starting at: £7.73

    • Developed to clean the PU-foam applicator guns
    • Correct cleaning of the gun and proper use of the product will ensure optimum function and prevent blockage of the applicator gun
    • The cleaner is also suited for the cleaning of the valve and spray-nozzle of PU foam canisters and removes uncured PU foam
    • 500 ml can Learn More
  10. Assembly foam gun

    Assembly foam gun

    Starting at: £51.08

    • For use with expanding foam can (see Related Products)
    • Steel with plastic handle Learn More

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