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  1. Contact adhesive

    Contact adhesive

    Starting at: £67.73

    • Premium grade, solvent based, neoprene adhesive, with high grab and long open time to enable re-positioning
    • For bonding to cork, leather, rubber, metals, wood, chipboard, hardboard, laminated plastic, dense textiles, plaster, stone, concrete,cementitious screeds and smoothing compounds
    • Will bond PVC and PVCu sheets but materials should be checked for suitability prior to application
    • Not suitable for polystyrene, polypropylene, silicone rubbers, bitumen or PTFE
    • Yellow
    • 1 litre tin
    • WARNING: The solvent in this contact adhesive may attack certain painted or lacquered surfaces - Test a small area prior to application Learn More
  2. HA6 RTV Marine silicone

    HA6 RTV Marine silicone

    Starting at: £4.32

    • A high modulus, marine quality silicone silicone that contains no fungicides or oils that can leach into water
    • Conforms to ISO 11600-G-20HM
    • Unaffected by UV, salt water immersion and extremes of temperature (-60ºC to +200ºC), non- slumping, non-shrinking
    • Used for bonding, bedding and sealing aquarium glass and for the manufacture of in-situ gaskets and seals for pumps and pipes. Also ideal as dust and weather-proofing sealer in dirty environments
    • 310 ml tube Learn More
  3. FG8 Food grade silicone

    FG8 Food grade silicone

    Starting at: £6.22

    • A food grade silicone for use in food machinery and food preparation industries
    • Contains anti-fungal compound to retard mould growth and is approved by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
    • Ideal for waterproof sealing of machinery (i.e. deep freezers, refrigeration units and food processing machines), ceramic tiles and kitchen fittings, and between walls and floors
    • 310 ml tube Learn More
  4. SMX 506 sealant for self-cleaning glass

    SMX 506 sealant for self-cleaning glass

    Starting at: £12.06

    • High quality glazing sealant with high adhesive strength, based on SMX® technology
    • Chemically neutral and fully elastic, approved to ISO 11600 G 20 LM
    • Specially developed for use on self-cleaning glass (SGG Bioclean® and Pilkington Activ Glass®)
    • High bond strength on most surfaces
    • Can be ovepainted, test before application
    • Free from isocyanates, solvents,halogens and acids. Minimal health and safety considerations
    • Flexible elastic rubber - up to 20%
    • Straightforward application even in adverse conditions
    • No bubble formation within sealant
    • Good extrudability even at low temp.
    • Colour stable and UV resistant
    • 290 ml tube Learn More
  5. Soudafoam SMX, isocyanates free

    Soudafoam SMX, isocyanates free

    Starting at: £20.28

    • The first expanding foam 0% free isocyanates
    • Product retains all advantages of a classic polyurethane foam
    • Easily fills gaps with an expanding, semi rigid insulating foam. No shrink or postexpansion
    • Entirely based on new SMX® technology, a hybrid silane terminated polymer technology with versatility and unparallelled performance
    • 100% safe for the consumer and the environment
    • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
    • Excellent adhesion on most surfaces, except PE, PP
    • 500 ml can
    • White colour
    • For gun version (item 003.52.118), please order gun separately, shown in Don't Forget to Order Learn More
  6. Mini foam

    Mini foam

    Starting at: £3.72

    • A moisture curing self expanding foam adhering to all common building materials
    • For filling and sealing of cavities and joints. Creation of a soundproof screen. Improving thermal isolation in cooling systems
    • Resistant to water, heat and ageing
    • Not UV resistant
    • High thermal and acoustic insulation values
    • Excellent adhesion
    • Can be painted, cut and sanded after full cure
    • 150 ml tube Learn More
  7. Mega foam

    Mega foam

    Starting at: £6.17

    • High performance, polyurethane expanding foam
    • Dual use, gun and hand held in one can
    • Can be used in cold weather with 25% higher yield than standard foam with less waste
    • 360º application
    • Twice the life of standard foam
    • A fast setting, multi-purpose foam which bonds, fills, seals and insulates most construction materials
    • Improves draught and heat insulation
    • Contains an environmentally safe propellant, compliant with the latest EU regulations
    • Beige Learn More
  8. FS4 Intumescent sealant

    FS4 Intumescent sealant

    Starting at: £2.28

    • A high performance, flexible acrylic building sealant and adhesive
    • An indicative fire test based on BS476 Part 20 achieving a 4 hour fire rating
    • Manufactured to form an acoustic and fire rated intumescent barrier in construction applications
    • All surfacess to be sealed must be clean, dry and free from grease, laitence or dust that may hinder adhesion
    • 300 ml tube Learn More
  9. Ecogrip 50A solvent free adhesive

    Ecogrip 50A solvent free adhesive

    Starting at: £1.74

    • Solvent free construction adhesive with high bond strength and good initial grab
    • Can be used as a gap filler on uneven surfaces
    • Moisture resistant
    • Can be overpainted
    • Compatible with most building materials, porous and non-porous. Important: One surface must be porous
    • Not suitable for use on PE, PP and bituminious surfaces
    • 310 ml tube Learn More
  10. PU 5 rapid set wood adhesive

    PU 5 rapid set wood adhesive

    Starting at: £6.13

    • A one part, solvent-free, rapid setting, moisture curing polyurethane thixotropic gel
    • Specially formulated for water-resistant bonding and fast setting (BS EN 204 D4 Classification)
    • Can be used in joinery and carpentry, for bonding garden furniture, staircases, boats, wooden constructions, sandwich panels and insulation materials
    • It has excellent adhesion to wood, chipboard, laminate, metals, polyurethane, expanded and extruded polystyrene foams, mineral wool, concrete, stone, bricks, gypsum boards and all traditional porous substrates
    • Seawater proof and is resistant to acid and chemicals
    • 310 ml tube Learn More

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