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  1. One Hit Wonder lightweight filler

    One Hit Wonder lightweight filler

    Starting at: £7.81

    • Gives a super smooth finish that does not require sanding
    • For internal and external use
    • Suitable for use on plaster, concrete, brick, wood and stone
    • Non-slumping and shrink resistant
    • Water based paints can be added to the filler mixture to enable colour matching
    • Please note: This product is not suitable for use in areas subject to continuous water immersion
    • Brilliant white colour Learn More
  2. PU40FC Adhesive

    PU40FC Adhesive

    Starting at: £4.32

    • Flexible gap sealant, based on polyurethane
    • Good adhesion to various surfaces
    • Excellent resistance to chemicals
    • Permanently elastic
    • Weather resistant
    • Vibration proof
    • High resistance against tearing
    • Especially suited to seal and glue metal constructions, for shrinkage gaps, for flexible gluing and sealing of various materials
    • 310 ml aluminium tube
    • For use with sealant gun shown in Related Products Learn More
  3. Silicone cleaner

    Silicone cleaner

    Starting at: £5.64

    • Fast and efficient; needs only 10 minutes to penetrate
    • Easy to apply, brush and spatula included
    • Pleasant citric smell
    • Removes all old silicone joints as well as non-cured silicone
    Irritant, Instructions for use on the box
    • 100 ml bottle Learn More
  4. Hafele assembly adhesive, solvent free

    Hafele assembly adhesive, solvent free

    Starting at: £3.95

    • Dispersion assembly adhesive
    • Paintable
    • Good filling characteristics
    • Resistant against humidity (not continuous exposure to water)
    • Sticks to all common surfaces (not PP and PE)
    • Especially suited to glue wall and floor material to base constructions, wood, concrete, stone and metals
    • 310 ml tube
    • For use with sealant gun shown in Related Products Learn More
  5. Mirror bonding adhesive

    Mirror bonding adhesive

    Starting at: £5.14

    • Used for fixing mirrors on all usual building surfaces
    • Clean and dry surface before use making sure it is free of grease and dust
    • Apply primer for certain applications on porous surfaces, no primer required for non porous surfaces
    • 310 ml tube
    • Light grey
    • For use with sealant gun shown in Related Products Learn More
  6. Hafele acrylic sealant (decorators caulk)

    Hafele acrylic sealant (decorators caulk)

    Starting at: £1.74

    • Very good adhesion on porous surfaces and in many other materials
    • Suitable for gaps and cracks in brickwork and plaster
    • Fast-dyed and waterproof once cured
    • Once hardened, can be easily painted (individual test is required)
    • Maximum movement 15%
    • 310 ml tube
    • Sealant gun shown in Related Products Learn More
  7. Hafele builders sealant

    Hafele builders sealant

    Starting at: £4.03

    • Permanently elastic, neutral gap sealant, based on silicone
    • Complies with DIN 18454 part 2 and DIN 18540 part 2
    • Very good adhesion to alkaline surfaces, such as concrete
    • Fast-dyed and UV-resistant
    • Once hardened, permanently elastic
    • Forms a film after 5 minutes
    • Odour free
    • Cannot be over-painted
    • Oxime system
    • Especially suited for building and construction gaps and glazing work
    • 310 ml tubes
    • For use with sealant gun (see Related Products)
    • A COSHH report can be viewed above. For a COSHH report for 003.50.044 and 046 please see COSHH reports in the Help section Learn More
  8. Glue brush

    Glue brush

    Starting at: £3.61

    • Light china-bristles
    • Plastic shaft and socket Learn More
  9. ProNails instant grab adhesive

    ProNails instant grab adhesive

    Starting at: £2.38

    • An instant-grab, high strength construction adhesive. It can be used as a gap-filler on uneven surfaces
    • Very fast powerful bonding
    • Thick body so gap-filling properties when bonding uneven surfaces
    • Direct application onto one substrate
    • Replaces nails and screws
    • To fit battens, window sills, skirting boards, covings, plasterboard. Bonding of carpet grippers, edge strips and staor nosing. Bonding of wall and floor boards, window frames and partitions
    • Suitable for use on all substrates except PE, PP
    • 300 ml tube Learn More
  10. GB Pro advanced high tack adhesive and sealant

    GB Pro advanced high tack adhesive and sealant

    Starting at: £6.36

    • A one part high quality, sealing and bonding material based on advanced hybrid polymer technology
    • Total neutral "hybrid" sealant for use in areas requiring a tough elastic rubber joint or as an adhesive with superior bonding strength
    • Conforms to ISO11600-F&G-20HM
    • High modulus, remains permanently flexible
    • For sealing and bonding interior and exterior applications on all weather conditions
    • Paintable with waterbased paints (alkyd resin based paints may slow down drying process - test a small area before application.)
    • Non shrinking
    • Contains no isocyanates, solvents, silicone and phthalates
    • Rapid curing
    • Resistant to UV radiation, water (including sea water), mould and chlorine
    • Excellent adhesion to most surfaces (even moist surfaces)
    • Will not discolour surfaces
    • Wet on wet application
    • No odour
    • Can be used for filling and sealing of connecting joints, cracks, holes, etc in the building sector. For wooden joints, bonding metal to metal (can absorb vibration). As a high quality glazing sealant. As a universal waterproof construction adhesive for bonding concrete, gypsum board, polycarbonates, polystyrene, PVC, many plastics, ceramics, copper, lead, zinc, aluminium, stainless steel, wood and glass
    • Please note this product is not recommended for use where installation joints are continually immersed in water
    • Not suitable on LSE plastics such as PE, PP and PTFE
    • 300 ml tube Learn More

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