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  1. WD-40 Aerosol can

    WD-40 Aerosol can

    Starting at: £3.90

    • Cleans, displaces moisture, penetrates, lubricates and protects Learn More
  2. Ecloth mop system, polishing pack and water bottle set

    Ecloth mop system, polishing pack and water bottle set

    Starting at: £24.52

    • Set consists of:
    - 1x 008.54.545 Mop system glass
    - 1x 008.54.572 Polishing pack
    - 1x 008.54.533 Water bottle Learn More
  3. VuPlex plastic cleaner

    VuPlex plastic cleaner

    Starting at: £4.70

    • Particularly suitable for high gloss doors, surfaces and glass
    • Plastic cleaner and anti-static polish
    • Available in 50g, 200g and 375g spray cans
    • Recommended maximum usage of once per week on surfaces which may be used for preparation of food
    • Please note: DO NOT use paper towels. Only microfibre cloths should be used with VuPlex® Learn More
  4. Silicone spray

    Silicone spray

    Starting at: £4.37

    • Protects and lubricates
    • For lubricating and smoothing parts
    • For protecting from dirt and humidity and cleaning of all surfaces such as rubber, plastics, wood, metal, textile Learn More
  5. 3-IN-ONE multi-purpose drip oil

    3-IN-ONE multi-purpose drip oil

    Starting at: £4.22

    • A specially formulated lubricating oil
    • Lubricates, cleans and prevents rust
    • For precision applications
    • The tin can is strong and durable, whilst the flexibility of the plastic spout enables you to get into those hard to reach places with no overspray or splatter
    • 200 ml can Learn More
  6. Sano skin protector

    Sano skin protector

    Starting at: £18.92

    • The professional 6 hour skin protector which protects skin and hands against stains and varnishes on Nitrocellulose bases, Desmophen-Desmodur lacquers, general solutions, polyurethane foams, acids and alkali, aggressive washing and cleaning agents
    • Fat free and silicone free, does not leave any fingerprints on wood or plastic surfaces
    • Any skin functions such as touching, sweating and breathing remain unaffected
    • Non toxic
    • Not soluble in water
    • Protection against allergies
    • If the hands are cleaned with soap and water more than ten times it is recommended to apply Sano Skin again after five hours, the same is applicable if work is carried out with Polyurethane foams Learn More
  7. Multi cleaner

    Multi cleaner

    Starting at: £6.31

    • A universal cleaning spray that sprays foam
    • Cleans and degreases
    • Highly soluble
    • Does not drip
    • Does not leave a residue
    • A universal cleaning spray that sprays foam. This means it does not drip, making it ideally suited for cleaning vertical surfaces such as glass, tiles, mirrors, laminate, PVC, kitchens, car interiors, textile, carpets, office equipment, etc.
    • 400 ml can Learn More
  8. E-cloth, kitchen pack

    E-cloth, kitchen pack

    Starting at: £8.47

    • Ideal for the kitchen, but suitable for all house hold cleaning
    • Chemical free cleaning for all hard surfaces
    • Brilliant on stainless steel, worktops, glass, chrome, granite or wood
    • Pack consists of:
    - 1x general purpose cloth
    - 1x glass and polishing cloth
    • General purpose cloth cleans hard surfaces, including thick grease. Glass and polishing cloth ideal for taps, kettles, toasters, stainless steel and final polish of worktops Learn More
  9. E-cloth, window cleaning pack

    E-cloth, window cleaning pack

    Starting at: £8.47

    • For all types of window, both inside and out
    • Chemical free cleaning for all hard surfaces
    • Pack consists of:
    - 1x window cloth
    - 1x glass and polishing cloth
    • Large window cloth cleans thick grim and grease from window frames and can be used for the first clean on large areas of glass. Glass and polishing cloth removes light dirt and is great for a final smear-free finish on glass Learn More
  10. E-cloth, stainless steel pack

    E-cloth, stainless steel pack

    Starting at: £4.43

    • For cleaning all stainless steel surfaces, including thick grease
    • Ideal for kitchen appliances, such as fridges, ovens, microwaves, toasters and kettles
    • One side of the cloth has non-scratch scrubbing stripes ideal for brushed stainless steel, the other side gives a gleaming finish to polished stainless steel
    • Pack consists of:
    - 1x stainless steel cloth Learn More

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