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  1. Häfele PVA adhesive, contract grade

    Häfele PVA adhesive, contract grade

    Starting at: £4.36

    • Economic PVA adhesive for wood bonding
    • General purpose
    • Fast setting
    • Internal grade
    • For use where white glue line is acceptable
    • Meets BS 4071
    • D2 waterproof rating - not for use where exposure to water is possible Learn More
  2. PU40FC Adhesive

    PU40FC Adhesive

    Starting at: £4.32

    • Flexible gap sealant, based on polyurethane
    • Good adhesion to various surfaces
    • Excellent resistance to chemicals
    • Permanently elastic
    • Weather resistant
    • Vibration proof
    • High resistance against tearing
    • Especially suited to seal and glue metal constructions, for shrinkage gaps, for flexible gluing and sealing of various materials
    • 310 ml aluminium tube
    • For use with sealant gun shown in Related Products Learn More
  3. Silicone cleaner

    Silicone cleaner

    Starting at: £5.64

    • Fast and efficient; needs only 10 minutes to penetrate
    • Easy to apply, brush and spatula included
    • Pleasant citric smell
    • Removes all old silicone joints as well as non-cured silicone
    Irritant, Instructions for use on the box
    • 100 ml bottle Learn More
  4. Hafele assembly adhesive, solvent free

    Hafele assembly adhesive, solvent free

    Starting at: £3.95

    • Dispersion assembly adhesive
    • Paintable
    • Good filling characteristics
    • Resistant against humidity (not continuous exposure to water)
    • Sticks to all common surfaces (not PP and PE)
    • Especially suited to glue wall and floor material to base constructions, wood, concrete, stone and metals
    • 310 ml tube
    • For use with sealant gun shown in Related Products Learn More
  5. Mirror bonding adhesive

    Mirror bonding adhesive

    Starting at: £5.14

    • Used for fixing mirrors on all usual building surfaces
    • Clean and dry surface before use making sure it is free of grease and dust
    • Apply primer for certain applications on porous surfaces, no primer required for non porous surfaces
    • 310 ml tube
    • Light grey
    • For use with sealant gun shown in Related Products Learn More
  6. Universal glue applicator set

    Universal glue applicator set

    Starting at: £27.28

    • With 5 different tops for glue application
    • Consists of:
    - 250 ml glue bottle,
    - 60 mm glue roller,
    - Lamello nozzle,
    - Glue tip,
    - Dowel nozzle
    - Glue brush
    • Glue not included Learn More
  7. Surface cleaner

    Surface cleaner

    Starting at: £10.38

    • Cleans and degreases all surfaces, removes all non-curred silicone, prepares joint substrates prior to sealant application
    • Multi solvent blend
    Harmful and Extremely flammable please read instructions on tin before using
    • 500 ml Learn More
  8. Silirub 2 low modulus silicone

    Silirub 2 low modulus silicone

    Starting at: £3.97

    • A high-quality neutral, elastic one component joint sealant based on silicones
    • Very easy application
    • Permanent colour, UV-resistant
    • Very good adhesion on many materials
    • Low modulus
    • Excellent acoustic properties
    • For building and construction joints. Topsealing at glazing jobs. Joints with high movement between different building materials. Sealing between treated wood, metal, PVC profiles and glass
    • Do not use on natural stone like marble or granite, as can cause staining
    • Not recommended for use on PC and PMMA becuase it cn cause crazing (stress cracking) in these materials
    • 310 ml tube Learn More
  9. Hafele adhesive accelerator aerosol, 200 ml

    Hafele adhesive accelerator aerosol, 200 ml

    Starting at: £3.34

    • Low viscosity, solvent based cyanoacrylate adhesive accelerator which contains active components dissolved in a hydrocarbon solvent.
    • It is used to reduce fixing times and ensure that excess adhesive is fully cured.
    • Comes complete with straw to provide better directional control Learn More
  10. Multi purpose silicone, ivory

    Multi purpose silicone, ivory

    Starting at: £105.42

    • Multi-purpose, high modulus silicone rubber sealant
    • Contains fungicide
    • Suitable for most jobs around the home
    • Permanently flexible
    • Skins in minutes
    • Suitable for sealing and water proofing in areas of high humidity
    • Exellent adhesion to glass, glazed surfaces, ceramic tiles, aluminium, many plastics and most paints
    • Remains flexible for up to 20 years
    • 310ml Learn More

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