Foldaside Façade - SYSTEM OVERVIEW

Foldaside Façade - SYSTEM OVERVIEW
• Application:
External outward folding doors with rebated head or sill facility. Usually residential but also commercial projects. Joinery: Equal width leaves add or subtract rebates
• Range:
- Max. door weight 60 kg
- Max. door height 3.0 m
- Max. leaf width 900 mm
- Door thickness 44-54 mm
• Door configurations
Suites of 3 or 5 only, odd numbers only, no floating suites

• Foldaside façade complete set for 3 leaves/*5 leaves comprises:
- Top channel (1 length/*2 lengths)
2.1 m length, with screw holes for soffit fixing, screws included. Stainless steel
- Bottom track (1 length/*2 lengths)
2.1 m length, pre-drilled for countersunk screws, screws included. Stainless steel
- Bottom roller (1 pc/*2 pcs)
Steel with self lubricating needle bearings. Silver grey aluminium
- Top guide (1 pc/*2 pcs)
Two guide rollers with sealed bearings. Silver grey aluminium
- Intermediate hinge (6 pcs/*9 pcs)
At least one to be fixed between top guide and bottom roller. Silver grey aluminium
- Hinge with handle (1 pc/*2 pcs)
To be fitted mid height between leaves 1 & 2 (also between leaves 3 & 4 on 5 door application. Silver grey aluminium
- Draught seal (24m/*40 m)
- Brush strip (3 lengths/*5 lengths)
1.1 m length, for rebated track. Foam and vinyl coating
- Façade seal (1 pc/*2 pcs)
To fit across each of the bottom roller block top face. EPDM rubber
- Holdback catch (1 pc/*1 pc)
Male and female connectors. Brass abd nickel plates
- Flush bolt (2 pcs/*4 pcs)
Fit onto the 2nd of a 3 door system and the 2nd and 4th door of a 5 door system. Silver grey aluminium

• For illustations and dimensions please see PDF page
• For further item information, please see System Parts

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Foldaside fitting complete set: For 5 leaves