Cylinder cam locks, 21 mm thread max.

Cylinder cam locks, 21 mm thread max.
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• With straight cam and nut attachment
• Closure travel 90°; direction can be altered by re-positioning the cam, but always moves in the same direction
With key trap; key can only be removed in locked position
5 pairs of pin tumblers = 10,000 possible different key changes
• Bright brass nut, galvanised steel nuts and lever
• Polished nickel-plated brass cylinder
Accessories: 2 keys, 1 locking cam, 3 nuts and 1 washer.
Spacer bushes and anti-twist washers, where necessary, must be ordered separately, please see Don't Forget to Order
Master key and general master key systems: Please discuss with our Sales staff when ordering, state closure direction required

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Clockwise closure, random key changes

Anti-clockwise closure, random key changes
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